Welcome to Utah and Zion National Park, Einstein07

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Zion National Park is in Southwest Utah.  We visited at a very busy time of year.  There wasn’t a single parking place in the entire Park!  We stayed in the Lodge which is a only way to get a parking place!  It’s also very hot unless you do your hiking early.  We hiked 3 miles in the morning on a trail called the Emerald Pools.  It takes you up under waterfalls and into a desert oasis with three pools along the way.  At the top, you almost want to quit but if you make it like we did – you find a great place to rest and catch tadpoles in the top pool.  The waterfalls are much bigger in the Spring.  They are still going now, though.  In Zion National Park there isn’t much light pollution.  We went out at about 10 PM.  and saw the sky covered with stars!  There were about 10 deer eating grass right in front of us.  This park used to be covered by an ocean.  Instead of the ocean evaporating, the earth was actually pushed UP to make these rock formations.  Then, over millions of years, the water drainage and rain and snow melt continued to erode the rocks to the shapes we see today.  There are many layers that can be seen in the rocks and many places to do great hiking and rock climbing.  Image result for zion national park emerald pools trail