Welcome to New Jersey! Trenton is the Capital City: Sparkle Kitten

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The New Jersey State Capitol Building is in Trenton.  It is the third oldest State House still in continuous use in the Nation.  The other two are Maryland and Virginia.  It is unusual when compared to most Capitol Buildings because it doesn’t try to look like the Nation’s Capitol.  It is built in an H shape and the dome is tucked in the center.  You can barely see the dome.  It isn’t in a park setting either.  It is surrounded with other legislative buildings.  You can walk up to it from the street.  It can be seen from the Delaware river which runs past the back.  It was built in 1790.  It has been expanded many times, and parts of the back buildings actually have peeling paint.  There are pretty fountains a bit beyond the State House, and you can park right out in front on the street.

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  1. Hi. Maybe you will get to see the tank farms along the coast. I always thought they were impressive. If I remember there were thousands all filled with thousands of gallons of crude,gasoline,or diesel. Most of them are filled from ships from all over the world. they off-load to pipes out away from the shore. You can tell whether the ship is full or empty by looking at the painted part. When the black only is showing the ship is full. When the red part is also showing the ship is empty. It is fun to get up high away from light pollution and look out on the ocean at night and see the lights of all the ships waiting to unload. Field glasses might help. On seeing the pictures of Pittsburgh you sent I can remember going by the incline every day on the way to school. My school was very close to the confluence of the two big rivers near the center of the city. I am enjoying seeing all the pictures you are sending and look forward to your comments. If I remember there are lots of truck gardens in NJ,DE,and MD. and they may be under cover to produce veggies during the cold months. Hope you remember to say thanks to your mom anytime you are having fun because she is the one making all this possible.

  2. Hi Grandpa. Thanks for the information on the container ships. We saw some of the really big tanks, and ship when we were in northern New Jersey. It made New Jersey feel very industrial. Now that we are in the southern part it seems more park like. We will keep looking for the ships. That’s cool to know you went by the same incline we rode, as you went to school as a kid. Mom said you lived in Pittsburgh for a while, and rode the city bus when you were younger than us! Thanks for following our blog. Happy Halloween.

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