Welcome to Dover, Delaware. The first State to Ratify the Constitution!: Einstein07

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Welcome to the Dover State House in Delaware.  This building is built in the colonial style and was completed in 1932 in/around the Great Depression.  The architect that designed it had just completed another building in the same style in Rhode Island and was probably influenced  by the other project.  The Delaware State House has a “cupola” on top instead of a “dome”.  Only 8 State House’s in America don’t have domes.  A cupola is a “…small, dome-like structure on top of a building.  It is often used to provide a lookout or to admit light and air. ”  It was probably put on top of the building because the old State House (across the street) also has a colonial style and a cupola.  The original was built in the 1700’s and we will talk about it on another post.  There are only 3 counties in Delaware, and there always have been.  Delaware used to be part of William Penn’s, Pennsylvania.  William Penn named Dover.  Delaware is broken up in to little sections called “100’s”.  Each section notes a section of the state were 100 men could be gathered to fight in the Revolutionary war.  The 100’s section a land lot is in is still written on each deed.