Washington is Over and Out! We’re in Montana Now!

Washington is a very nice state!  We spent time in the mountain snow, the State Capital Olympia, cool Seattle which has the Nordstrom flagship store!  (heaven), and green Spokane.  This is a great state to visit if you like to be outdoors.  The people are relaxed, there are lots of things to do, and the scenery is beautiful everywhere you look!  In Mt. Ranier National Park you can stay in a lodge type place that has rooms with no bathrooms.  There usually isn’t a line for the shower, though, so it’s OK.  They had puzzles downstairs and it was nice to spend time after dinner doing a puzzle.  I learned I like flatbread pizza with sausage, in Seattle.  I liked the fact that it was chilly here; not hot.  We now know what a “sound” is (IE: Puget Sound) and we also NOW know that if you walk in large snowbanks without snowshoes you can loose YOUR shoes!  (sorry mom)  🙂   We’ve moved on to Montana.

2 thoughts on “Washington is Over and Out! We’re in Montana Now!”

  1. I’m doing some catch-up on your blog today as I actually spent the last week road tripping with my girls from Atlanta to Jackson Hole, WY. I can’t tell you how many times I thought of you all! I so enjoyed our trip and my only regret was that we didn’t go farther. (My daughter is working in Jackson Hole this summer, so that was our final destination.) Many of your pictures of snow-capped mountains and walking through the snow remind me of our visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. So spectacular!!! I have never been to Oregon or Washington, but I would love to. Continuing to thoroughly enjoy following your journey!

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