The Hoover Dam, Nevada: Sparkle Kitten

The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression.  It was originally called the Boulder Dam but then renamed after President Herbert Hoover.  It is fed by the Colorado River and 1/2 of it is in Nevada and the other 1/2 is in Arizona.  Over 100 people died while the dam was being built.  The Colorado River is what runs through across Arizona, cutting the Grand Canyon.  It then cuts up and runs up to this Dam.  The dam provides power for Las Vegas, Nevada and irrigation for Nevada.  This Dam shape is called a concrete arch-gravity dam.  We would like to recommend coming to the Dam during a month other than June.  It was 118 degrees here, and all the tours were cancelled.  People were being picked up for heat stroke as we looked at the dam!  Einstein07 said he was surprised by the way the Dam looked, and thought it would look more like a type of “beaver dam”.