New Mexico Capital City, Santa Fe, Sparkle Kitten

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The State Capitol of New Mexico is in the Northern city of Santa Fe.  This city is at the end of the “Santa Fe Trail”, connecting Independence, MO in the East to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe is also almost at the end of the “El Camino Real” the road that connected Mexico City to San Juan Pueblo, NM.  Those are probably two big reason’s it’s the Capital City, even though it isn’t the largest city in NM.  The Capitol is a very interesting shape.  It doesn’t have a “capitol” (or dome).  It’s built in a circular shape just like the Zia Sun Symbol which is the State’s symbol.  It very peaceful in the State Capitol; it has artwork everywhere, it’s colors are calming, and there weren’t a lot of people everywhere.  The state gem is turquoise, and there is turquoise in the exterior door handles.  The outside of the building is in a Pueblo style, which is made using adobe blocks.  It’s a great place to take a nap and look at artwork!

Welcome to New Jersey! Trenton is the Capital City: Sparkle Kitten

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The New Jersey State Capitol Building is in Trenton.  It is the third oldest State House still in continuous use in the Nation.  The other two are Maryland and Virginia.  It is unusual when compared to most Capitol Buildings because it doesn’t try to look like the Nation’s Capitol.  It is built in an H shape and the dome is tucked in the center.  You can barely see the dome.  It isn’t in a park setting either.  It is surrounded with other legislative buildings.  You can walk up to it from the street.  It can be seen from the Delaware river which runs past the back.  It was built in 1790.  It has been expanded many times, and parts of the back buildings actually have peeling paint.  There are pretty fountains a bit beyond the State House, and you can park right out in front on the street.

Harrisburg is the Capital of Pennsylvania: Einstein07

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The Capital of Pennsylvania was originally Philadelphia, and then moved to Lancaster in 1799 and finally Harrisburg in 1812.  This State Capitol building is the 3rd to be built in Harrisburg.  The first was destroyed by fire, and the second lost funding and was abandoned.  This one was dedicated in 1906.  It cost 3 times more than approved, and people were convicted of graft (theft or skimming).  Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, and the dome has the statue of “commonwealth” on top.  The building exterior is granite.  The domes are green but the green color actually comes from a green glaze, that covers red terra-cotta tile.  The building has many very old churches around it, and the area is very nice.  The Susquehanna river runs through Harrisburg and isn’t far from the Capitol Building.