Baby Squirrel at Lily Bay State Park: Einstein07


As we walked the trails in the park, we saw a lot of baby squirrels.  Every time we went a little farther another squirrel would sound an alarm to his friends by

making a very loud chattering noise.  I think I understand their language.  This is a baby eating a green pine cone.  Maine’s nickname is the pine tree state!

Maine is about Lobster – Well, let’s face it! : Einstein07 and Sparkle Kitten

IMG_5609 IMG_5610

It seemed a little strange to go to a lobster shack right after we had just been to the oceanarium where they were raising lobsters, but then we said “oh well” and just went for it!  We learned that it is not “uncool” to wear a bib while you are eating a whole lobster.  We also studied the correct steps to follow when eating a lobster: Front claws, tail, legs, body.  If you find green stuff you can eat it or toss it.  If you find bright orange eggs, you have a girl and just scrape them off.  A lobster’s brain is in it’s throat.  We are not sure what to think about that!


Cascade Park Bangor, Maine: Sparkle Kitten

IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0309 IMG_0311 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0317

These are photos from Cascade park in Bangor, Maine.  We think it’s called Cascade Park because of the manmade waterfall.  In the park there are walking trails that lead through a meadow.  My brother adopted a grasshopper on the walk.  Pictured at the bottom is a snake that surprised us.  We learned that it’s best not to take a nature walk wearing sandles.  What if we had stepped on the snake?  We researched the snake photo and decided it’s a “ribbon snake”.  There are Northerna and Eastern ribbon snakes.  We  decided it’s an Eastern because of the coloring at the bottom. We saw many plants, and looked up the names.  One of the plants with red berries is called a “pin cherry”. We saw baby apples too.   The park was beautiful and relaxing.

York, Maine and York Harbor: Sparkle Kitten

IMG_0212 IMG_0209

York Maine and York Harbor are very peaceful.  There are a lot of wooded walking trails.  People come here to fish and boat.  There is a dam you can walk across, and a little suspension bridge to connect it to the woods.  The bridge is a little scary because it bounces up and down when you run on it.