Epic Escape Room, Arizona: Einstein07

A place called Epic Escape is in Phoenix, AZ.  They have “Escape Room” games where you have a mission and have to solve clues, to unlock locks, to get more clues to help you solve a problem.  We played the Whimsical Library game.  We didn’t quite make it in the 60 minutes allowed, but we got close.  I think it would be fun to see how adults did against a team of kids.  Sparkle Kitten and I think the kids would win because we work together better than adults.  We are going to go to anther escape room in another city and try a new game.  They have some that are more physical and some that are more mental.  This one was more mental and we had to try to find all the clues we could, and then figure out what the meant.  It was fun!

Arizona State Capitol Building, Phoenix: Sparkle Kitten

The Arizona State Capitol is in Phoenix.  It’s very peaceful and relaxing here.  There are orange trees along the road.  Einstein07 took an orange that was laying on the ground (in case the police are looking at this!)  The Capitol is split into two parts; one part is the historic old Capitol that was built in about 1900 and the other part is the modern new part that was built more recently.  There aren’t many trees in Arizona and the climate is very arid so they don’t use mulch made from trees (like pine strawor pine bark).  They also don’t have the same kind of bushes as we do.  You can see they use rocks for groundcover (they have lots of rocks in Arizona). They use cacti and palm trees for landscaping.  There are lots of different kind of cacti so it’s very interesting and pretty.  Many different kinds of rocks are found in Arizona; the rocks contain ore (Arizona is the copper state) and things like quartz and turquoise.  There are pillars with the different kind of rocks outside the Capitol.  Also outside the Capitol is a monument to the USS Arizona which was destroyed during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Pearl Harbor marked the United States entering WWII.  The mast from the USS Arizona is here.  The


Oklahoma-#OnMyPage: Einstein07

This is a post of what it might look like on my notebook. I make these in outline format. I barely edit anything. Soon, I will do one like this for my science book.

Note: I DO use nicknames.


I. Frank Lloyd Wright-Price Tower

1. Bartlesville, OK

A. It has no circles

B. It had apartments and stores

C. It was the only completed highrise by Franky

D. Furniture and walls couldn’t be on lines

E. Franky believed in form over function

F. He wanted his building to be like a tree

a. No sides are alike

b. There is a metal spot on most of the floors representing the middle of the building/stump of the tree

G. He was very modern for the time

a. That is why his building was so modern

b. That is why there was a lot of empty spaces in his rooms

II. End Of The Trail Of Tears

  1. Muskogee, OK

A. Processing point for “The Five Civilized Tribes”

a. Seminole-FL

b. Creek-GA

c. Choctaw-AL

d. Cherokee-TN

e. Chickisaw-AL

B. For a while in time, all of OK was Indian Territories

Moving Map

III. U.S.S. Batfish

  1. It was used in WWII

A. There was a picture on a newspaper of Hitler committing suicide

2. It is a submarine

A. It sank four Jap subs in two days

a. Bad for Japs

b. Good for U.S. (No pun intended)

B. There were only 1-2 bathrooms on the entire sub

C. All the rooms and beds were very cramped and uncomfortable

D. Each sailor had a daily amount of food

3. There is a museum for it

A. You can go on the sub

a. You can climb a LOT on the sub

IV. Oil Rig 1

  1. Bartlesville, OK

A. OR1 is the first oil rig in OK

a. We saw a reproduction of a portable one

A1. It works but we didn’t use it

B1. Back in the old days, After they use them they are meant to be taken down and moved

B. It uses a big diamond tipped blade to burst through the rock and get to the oil

V. Woolaroc

  1. W-roc was founded by Frank Philips

A. Bison and Buffalo are different

a. Bison and Buffalo have a different amount of ribs

b. Bison have a hump on their back, Buffs don’t

c. Bison=U.S.

d. Buffalo=Other

B. Bison Hunters shot SO many bison

a. They only took the skins unlike Indians

A1. They didn’t take the meat or the bones

B1. Afterwards, carcuses littered the fields

A2. Many scavengers ate at the carcuses

VI. Guthrie

  1. It was the first state capital of OK

A. The building is still there

B. The current state capital of OK is in Oklahoma City

a. The reason of that is people stole the state seal and moved it to Oklahoma City

A1. The people that did that (obviously) wanted to move the state capital to Oklahoma City

B1. They did it on a Saturday so court was off duty

A2. The reason they did that was so they couldn’t sue them

C1. The people that did that ere all part of the government (of OK) themselves

2. Some of our cousins and our aunt live there

A. They are *****, *******, and Aunt ******

B. We went to a boarding house with them

3. The “Great Land Race” took place there

A. Lots of people cheated

a. They were called “Sooners”

B. That is why the state nickname is “Sooner State”

VII. Oklahoma City

  1. Oklahoma City state capitol building is the (second/current) state capital of OK

A. There are oil rigs on the grounds of the building

a. They are not pumping anymore

2. The largest city in OK

B. They only got the dome in 2014

a. They only had a regular roof for about 100 years

b. The building was made in 1914

c. On the top of the dome, there is a statue of an Indian

A1. His name is “The Gaurdian”

C. The floors of the building are AL marble

a. The railings are made of abalaster

D. When we were there, the building was getting refurbished

E. The first female governor was in office when we were there


Texas is over and out and we’re in New Mexico

Houston, we have a problem.  We had to get Texas done in a week so we couldn’t get to you!  We’ll circle back around on our next trip.  Dallas – we’ll be back to catch you in July.  For now we think we did pretty well considering the SIZE of this state.  Everything really IS bigger in Texas! We’ll be back soon.  Bye for now! And a little message to the pesky roadrunner that kept running away from us, we will eventually find you!  


The Sun rotation, prominences, and sun spots: Einstein07

The SUN is actually in a FOURTH state of matter (not solid, liquid or gas) but the plasma state.  This is important because of the way it acts as a result.  The sun rotates, like the earth.  Because it isn’t a solid, the poles rotate more slowly than the middle.  This causes the electromagnetic fields in the sun to get out of alignment and start acting crazy as in the photo above.  The sun emits a WHITE light.  It is not yellow as we see in some photos.  Scientists attach a color to a certain wave length of light that they collect, and the images are color coded on a picture.  The sun is mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

In the blue and black images below you can see a solar prominence.  This is where one of the magnetic fields comes arcing off the surface, and it attracts elements with it.  Some of the elements come back to the sun, and some go out into space.  This is also where the northern lights come from.  When they hit the atmosphere they make the lights.

In the bottom picture you can see a sunspot.  This is where the gravity was so strong it caused that part of the sun to cool.  The bubbles at the right of the sunspot show you the bubbling on the surface of the sun.

Fort Davis and the Indian Wars: Einstein07

Image result for apache victorioImage result for fort davis

Fort Davis, in the Davis Mountains of Texas was built in 1840.  Texas was home to the Native American Indian tribes of the Comanche and the Apache.  When the Spanish brought in horses, the Apache drove the Comanche out but some of them were still here.  The United States put Fort Davis here to keep the Native American’s from attacking the U.S. Mail coaches and travelers going west along this route.  Travelers came from San Antonio, through Fort Stockton, through Fort Davis and El Paso, then on to CA during the 1949 Gold Rush because there was water along this route.  Later the Davis Mountains also became part of the Overland Trail from St. Louis because of Apache raids in The Guadalupe Mountains.  Fort Davis was abandoned during the Civil War, and then soldiers returned for the remainder of the Indian Wars starting in 1867.  Some very famous soldiers and cavalry, of African American decent, known as the “Buffalo Soldiers” were based here.  They went up into the mountains to get a famous Apache chief named Victorio after he kept attacking U.S. travelers.  Victorio was later killed by the Mexicans.  Fort Davis was named after Jefferson Davis, who later became the Confederate President. This is a great place to hike and see the stars.  It is next to the Texas mountain trail, where you don’t see a house for 100 or more miles (JK – but almost)!

McDonald Observatory, Mount Locke, 11,000,000,000 years: Einstein07

McDonald Observatory in Texas is in the Davis Mountains, on Mount Locke.  This is the highest point on a paved road, in Texas.  The 4th largest telescope in the world is here.  Astronomers don’t look through this kind of telescope.  They use it to capture light waves that aren’t visible to the naked eye, and read them on a computer.  They use those wave lengths to tell what objects they are looking at are made of, and how far away they are.  The larger of the two telescopes above (the silver one with the mirror with lots of little mirrors inside it) is being modified.  Once this work is done, astronomers will be able to see from 9 billion to 11 billion light years into space.  That’s almost to the edge of the universe.  They are trying to figure out what we don’t understand about the expansion of the universe, and gravity.  We got to see the sun through a projection made by a smaller telescope.  I’ll blog about that later.

Big Bend National Park, Southwest Texas: Sparkle Kitten

Big Bend National Park is called that because it’s where there is a “Big Bend” in the Rio Grande.  The Rio Grand (big river) is what splits Mexico and Texas.  There are pictures of us swimming in the river above.  There is also a hot spring along the river in one spot (the little pool above).  The park is huge.  There are three types of regions in the park: river, desert, and mountains.  This park has it all!  Big Bend used to be underwater 130,000,000 years ago until 83,000,000 years ago.  There were dinosaur bones from huge fish, the largest reptile (an aligator type thing the length of a school bus), and a huge flying bird called quetzalcoatlus Image result for quetzalcoatlus

There are lots of different types of cacti.  They are distinguishable by their flower colors.  The cacti only bloom in March and April.  We were lucky to be here at the perfect time!  There are miles, and miles and miles of walking trails.  There is also a beautiful view of the stars, because there is almost no light pollution.  Image result for stars in big bend national park

If you lay down to look at the stars, a little fox might run right by your toes.  That happened to me!  Image result for fox in big bend national park

Big Bend is now my favorite national park.  There is so much to do here, and it’s so big that you really need to stay for a couple of weeks!   You definitely need to stay in the park, whether you camp or stay in a little lodge.  It’s one of the least visited parks, because it’s so difficult to GET here!  That makes it very nice once you ARE here.

Fort Stockton, Texas: Sparkle Kitten

Fort Stockton is a town that was the home OF “Fort Stockton”.  This fort was located here by the U. S. for a few reasons: To protect Postal Delivery of the U.S. Mail going west; to ward off Indian attacks by Comanche, Kiowa, and Apaches on pioneers; and to protect trade routes.  It was put in this spot, because it is the place called “Comanche Springs” where a natural spring is located.  There is almost no water where we are, so this spring attracted a lot of travelers.  It ended up being a stop on everyone’s trail.  One of the pools is called the “Blue Pool”.  There is a historic jail, hotel, saloon, and store here.  The Comanche War Trail runs through this spot.