Spokane, Washington: Sparkle Kitten

Image result for Spokane Indians tribeSpokane Indian Tribe Spokane River Spokane has some very nice greenspaces!

Image result for spokane fallsImage result for spokane world's fair 1974Spokane Worlds Fair with Clock Tower
In 1974 the World’s Fair was held in Spokane, Washington.  Spokane is a very nice, quiet town on the East side of Washington, just before you get to Idaho.  The drive between Seattle and Spokane is very pretty.  It has rolling fields with lots of crops, as far as you can see.  The most fertile soil in the nation is in Washington along this route.  It’s called the Palouse region and is located just south of here, stretching into Idaho.  They make special combine equipment to harvest crops here.  The combines have self leveling parts that keep them from tipping over on the hills.  Image resultSpokane is named for the Native Americans that lived here.  The Spokane river runs through the city and there are waterfalls called the “Spokane Falls” along a nice walking route.  This walking route goes all the way to Idaho!  We saw a clock tower that was built on land donated by the Burlington Northern Railroad for the Worlds Fair.  An interesting fact about this World’s Fair is that it was opened by President Richard Nixon in the spring, and closed by President Gerald Ford in the fall(because of Watergate!)