Sparkle Kitten About Me

Hi.  My name is SparkleKitten.  Yes, that’s an alias, but hey this is the internet we’re talking about and I LOVE kittens!   I’m 11, and I love to read and so I’ll be putting book reviews on my blog.  My family is super stressful (I know you can relate), so I choose to do YOGA to unwind.  My favorite color is rainbow with sparkles.  My favorite ice cream flavor is any ice cream flavor ever created except for butterbrickle (sorry butterbrickle fans!).  My hair is carmel colored; I love fluffy things.  I also love to travel, so I’ve agreed against my better judgement to get in the van with my family and travel the 50 states this year.  I will share the experience to keep from going insane, and hope you all will comment often to help me stay afloat in the social world.