Portland, Maine : from Einstein07


This is a lobster trap a nice man named Gill showed me at the Portland, Fish Exchange. Lobstermen put bait on the inside, the lobsters crawl in for the bait then BAM they can’t crawl back out. The way you can tell different lobstermen’s traps apart is the color of their buoy. 90% of the U.S.’s lobsters come from Maine. The lobstermen’s main rule is throw back the ones that are smaller than 3 and 1/4inches to let them grow, throw back the ones that are bigger than 5 inches because they need to keep producing baby lobsters, and they have to throw back the mother because she also has to produce baby lobsters.


Here is a picture of a real lobster that I saw at a fish market. I also saw bluefish, butterfish, and squid.


We took a duck boat that was invented in World War II, but this one was made in the 21st century. It can go on both land and water. The tour guide was really fun and cool. I learned the word WICKED is use in Maine as an adjective for instance, that is  WICKED good or that is  WICKED cool.


This is a picture of the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S.A.. It is the Portland Head Light. It was the first lighthouse built by our federal government. Did  you know Portland, Maine has burned down 4 times, 4 TIMES?!

Kittery, Maine: Sparkle Kitten

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Fort McLeary was used for five wars, starting in the 1600’s.  The walls around the fort are made of granite.  They had to mine the blocks with a chisel and move them with manual cranes and pulleys.  The blocks weren’t laid until the civil war.  The blockhouse is shaped like a hexagon, and I think it would be a great model for a tree house! It as a very peaceful place to sit and watch the boats.


Yummies:  Candy was stacked from floor to ceiling!  There was 10,000 pounds of candy on display; No joke!  I wonder if we can find one of these in Georgia?!  P.S. I got some salt water taffy and “Cow Tails”.

Rice Library:  The main building is very historic and has a lot of good books (especially in the kids building!).  When we went to the main building, it had all of the original woodwork including a beautiful mezzanine.  (I wonder if I can get one for my room?)


The Monocacy River Valley, Maryland:Einstein07


The battle of The Monocacy took place on July 9, 1864  in The Monocacy River Valley. The battle was the North against the South, and whoever won got Washington D.C.. The Southern military leader was Robert E. Lee and the Northern leader was Grant.  The Union (Northern) forces were outnumbered 18,000 to 6,000.  Fighting started mid-morning.  Due to great military tactics, the North won and Washington D.C. was safe.



We have started:Einstein07

We have just started going in our car Yesterday. So far we have traveled to Virginia but we still have to make the rest of our way to Maine. We are going to try to get there by Wednesday. We are still sitting in our hotel planning out our route for today. We just finished our homework. We are ready to go. I’ll check in soon.

Book Review:Sparkle Kitten

Welcome to my first book review. I just finished Among the Hidden by Margret Haddix. Luke is the main character and there is also a girl named Jen. Luke is a shadow child. He has hidden in his family’s attic his whole life,then one day a new family moves in next door. They have a shadow child too. I would probably rate this book four stars out of five. By the way this book is part of a series of books called the Shadow Children.

Kansas jail:Einstein07


This is a picture of an old time jail in Mound Valley, Kansas. It did not look very comfortable on the inside. As far as I could see there were no heaters or air conditioners. I do not think they use this jail today (hopefully). If you can’t get to Mound Valley, Kansas just see our picture of a jail just waiting for you (so be good!).

A fact about Maine:from Einstein07

Right now I am blogging about 5 facts for Maine. Did you know that Maine covers 35,385 square miles? You might have known that along Maine’s ocean, at sea level, is Maine’s lowest point. Something cool about Maine is that away from the coast you will find big forests, with hundreds of lakes and streams. Something else that is cool is Maine’s highest point is mount Katahdin which is 5,268 feet high. Something else that you probably didn’t know about until now is with the bays Maine has 3,500 miles of coastline. There are some really cool facts about Maine.