MoPOP Art Museum, Washington, Einstein07

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Washington has a great museum called the MoPOP Museum.  It has a very interesting modern design on the outside.  Inside there are lots of exhibits that are interesting to look at from the movies, music, and computers.  We saw a section on movies with a lot of old time movie items.  There was also a section on horror films.  My favorite was a big room dedicated to “INDI” computer game creators.  Indi creators are like independent film creators.  Instead of making computer games for big companies with lots of money, they work by themselves.  Since computer coding and gaming software is easier to use now, these people sit at home or form small groups and think up computer games.  They then code the games themselves.  Sometimes, if the game is coming along nicely they get other people to sponsor them to complete the game.  This makes it so the Indi game developer doesn’t have to get kicked out of their house while they are coding.  Some of these people develop music instead of games, but just for games.  This room was great because you could sit down and try any of the Indi games you wanted to.  I would have stayed here all day, but eventually they closed the museum.

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  1. That does look like a fabulous and fun museum, quite different than most you’ve been visiting. So glad you’re getting to experience such a variety across the country and realize that it’s not so crazy to want to stay in a museum until it closes! 🙂

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