Las Vegas, NV: Einstein and Sparkle

Las Vegas is really fun for kids!  There is a place called the “Strip” where you can see very fancy hotels, do lots of shopping, play virtual reality games, see fountain shows for free, check out some amazing artwork, eat ice cream, and order cupcakes from a ATM! You can even see acrobats and circus shows at one hotel.  Einstein07 won a stuffed owl there playing a game with a ball.  If you order a piece of pizza, the restaurants have mist stations outside where you can stand and cool off.  We came at almost the hottest time of year.  There were heat warnings, and the temperature reached 115 degrees.  A good bet is to shop and play INSIDE during the day, and walk around at night.  It is also lucky if you score and get a pool with movie night like we did.  This was the first time on our trip we had a pool with a movie screen, but we think it was the BEST spot because it was 110 degrees when we were watching the movie!  We’ll come back in the spring so Sparkle Kitten can shop and we can see a show and ride the rollercoaster.