The National Champion Trees Program

Nearly a century ago, American Forests launched a campaign to locate the largest living specimens of America’s trees. The goal was to engage the public in forestry activities. The National Champion Trees program started out as a competition — a national hunt to discover the largest living specimens of select tree species.

Today, the goal of the program is to foster an interest in wildlife by helping people to identify tree biodiversity in order to aid in the prevention of biodiversity loss, bring the public increased awareness of the ecosystem services of big trees, and to foster a desire to protect and preserve them for future generations.

Photo Credit: Bob Wick / Bureau of Land Management

National Champion Trees can be discovered in rural and urban landscapes, scattered throughout forests and fields, along roadways and in backyards. Discover, measure and nominate the largest trees you can find. 

The challenge to new and long-time tree lovers is to find and nominate trees larger than those currently listed, if they exist. Venture out on your own or take family and friends with you.