Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming: Einstein07

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The Grand Teton National Park is in the Grand Teton mountain range.  This mountain range was created by huge earthquakes that lifted the mountains and actually lowered the land.  There are glaciers in the mountains.  We stayed in a tent cabin, which is a little better than a tent because it has a potbelly stove.  You have to get up every couple hours to put wood in your fire.  While we were sleeping a bear came to the outside to see what was in our camp.  Luckily our food was in what’s called a “bear locker” which is made of metal.  You put your toothpaste and anything else that smells inside the bear locker too and that way the bear doesn’t try to come INSIDE your tent!  The Rangers think it was a very famous Grizzly bear known as “399”.  She has two cubs.  While we were here we rode horses for the first time on our trip.  My horse was named Ice and Sparkle Kitten’s horse was named Troll.  It was really fun.  We also finally saw two Moose in the distance.  Mom has been looking for a moose since Maine!  It’s really nice here because there aren’t nearly as many people as Yellowstone.  We cooked in a fire pit and decided if you could put something on a stick you could cook it, so we cooked corn on the cob and steak instead of hotdogs.

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  1. I can’t believe how close we came to being there at the same time!!! And I’m so excited you saw moose. We’re going back in a couple of weeks to visit my daughter and will be exploring in the park more then. Like your mom, I really want to see moose!!! We saw lots of moose crossing signs last week, and some taxidermy, but no live moose.

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