Glacier National Park, Welcome to Montana: Sparkle Kitten

Chaney Glacier (this is NOT us hiking!)  🙂 Glacier National Park is located in Northern Montana and overlaps into Canada.  It is an International Peace Park (the first) because the United States and Canada joined together to protect it.  This park has many active Glaciers; the glaciers are melting, though.  A glacier is a large “river” of solid ice.  During the last Ice Age and since, lots of snow fell at a faster rate than it could melt.  Over time, the pressure of the snow build-up pushed down harder and harder forming a large block of ice below.  The width, and depth of these sheets of ice teamed with the fact they were above sea level causing them to have a path downward, caused them to move.  As they move, the boulders and rocks that are trapped in them cut large parts of the earth.  Glaciers are often at least 25 acres wide in order for them to move.  The depths are hard to measure but a good guess is 1/2 the width.  Many glaciers have cracks and are dangerous to walk on.  You could fall in a crack and die!  This park is amazing.  We were on the South end of Lake McDonald where it’s all green.  You can rent a cabin, ride bikes, throw rocks, and look at the beauty.  There is a historic road here called “Going to the Sun Road” which was very dangerous to build.  You can’t take it except July, and August because right now it’s covered in over 20 FEET of snow and they can’t plow it.  We liked the park anyway, and will be back.  Next time I want to see a mountain goat!