Einstein07 About Me

My name is Einstein07 because I was born in 2007 (yes, that means I’m 9) and quite possibly I’m as smart as Albert Einstein  (to be determined).  I like to play chess, and board games.  I love to read.  I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series, the Narnia series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (of course), the Percy Jackson Series, The Hobbit, and many other fun books.  If you need a book recommendation, come to me!  I love science, math and nature (I also love coding and gaming!)  I will be sending frequent blog posts about each of the 50 states.  You will need to comment often, because I’m stuck in the vehicle with my family!  I need your connection to the “real kid world”!  In exchange I’ll post as many good photos as possible.  Thanks!