State Capitol Building of Utah is in Salt Lake City: Sparkle Kitten

A picture of Seraph Young voting as the first woman to vote in the Utah Territory in 1869 is on the wall.  The Utah State Capitol Building has Georgia Marble inside. Brigham Young was the first Governor of the Utah Territory.  Most of the artwork in the State Capitol was painted by an unemployed artist during the Great Depression. This room is the State Reception room and is used on formal occasions.  There are lots of pieces of antique furniture here.  This State Capitol has many windows, especially in the ceiling so it has lots of natural light.  The State Capitol Building is on top of a hill, and very easy to walk around.  It is in what is known as “Temple Square” in Salt Lake City.  Einstein07 Especially liked the statues below so he took a picture of each one.  They stand for Immigration and Settlement, Land and Community, Science and Technology and ARt and Education.  The “BEE” is the state symbol and was chosen because the BEE represents “Industry” – not because there are lots of “bees” in Utah (as we found out – FINALLY!)

Arizona State Capitol Building, Phoenix: Sparkle Kitten

The Arizona State Capitol is in Phoenix.  It’s very peaceful and relaxing here.  There are orange trees along the road.  Einstein07 took an orange that was laying on the ground (in case the police are looking at this!)  The Capitol is split into two parts; one part is the historic old Capitol that was built in about 1900 and the other part is the modern new part that was built more recently.  There aren’t many trees in Arizona and the climate is very arid so they don’t use mulch made from trees (like pine strawor pine bark).  They also don’t have the same kind of bushes as we do.  You can see they use rocks for groundcover (they have lots of rocks in Arizona). They use cacti and palm trees for landscaping.  There are lots of different kind of cacti so it’s very interesting and pretty.  Many different kinds of rocks are found in Arizona; the rocks contain ore (Arizona is the copper state) and things like quartz and turquoise.  There are pillars with the different kind of rocks outside the Capitol.  Also outside the Capitol is a monument to the USS Arizona which was destroyed during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Pearl Harbor marked the United States entering WWII.  The mast from the USS Arizona is here.  The


New Mexico Capital City, Santa Fe, Sparkle Kitten

Zia Pueblo Pottery Maker Image result for zia sun symbol

The State Capitol of New Mexico is in the Northern city of Santa Fe.  This city is at the end of the “Santa Fe Trail”, connecting Independence, MO in the East to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe is also almost at the end of the “El Camino Real” the road that connected Mexico City to San Juan Pueblo, NM.  Those are probably two big reason’s it’s the Capital City, even though it isn’t the largest city in NM.  The Capitol is a very interesting shape.  It doesn’t have a “capitol” (or dome).  It’s built in a circular shape just like the Zia Sun Symbol which is the State’s symbol.  It very peaceful in the State Capitol; it has artwork everywhere, it’s colors are calming, and there weren’t a lot of people everywhere.  The state gem is turquoise, and there is turquoise in the exterior door handles.  The outside of the building is in a Pueblo style, which is made using adobe blocks.  It’s a great place to take a nap and look at artwork!