Menlo Park, Thomas Edison, Edison New Jersey: Einstein07


We are in Menlo Park (literally – “park”). It’s in Edison, New Jersey.  This is the location of Thomas Edison’s laboratory right before he moved it to West Orange, New Jersey when he was 40 years old.  He invented the phonograph and the incandescent light when he was at this location.  It’s beautiful here.  We are visiting Edison’s West Orange lab later on so we’ll have more to right about then.  Did you know that Edison had more than 1,000 patents.  He was often seen in wrinkled clothes, with messy hair and unshaven.  He might have been on to something!  He learned telegraphy when he was about 11 from a man as a gift.  He had saved the man’s child from being run over by a train.  Learning telegraphy was what got him interested in electricity.

Welcome to New Jersey! Trenton is the Capital City: Sparkle Kitten

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The New Jersey State Capitol Building is in Trenton.  It is the third oldest State House still in continuous use in the Nation.  The other two are Maryland and Virginia.  It is unusual when compared to most Capitol Buildings because it doesn’t try to look like the Nation’s Capitol.  It is built in an H shape and the dome is tucked in the center.  You can barely see the dome.  It isn’t in a park setting either.  It is surrounded with other legislative buildings.  You can walk up to it from the street.  It can be seen from the Delaware river which runs past the back.  It was built in 1790.  It has been expanded many times, and parts of the back buildings actually have peeling paint.  There are pretty fountains a bit beyond the State House, and you can park right out in front on the street.